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Why would I want a custom fishing rod?
There a couple different answers to that question.

You are looking for that special gift that the recipient will get hours of enjoyment from as well as remember you every time they use it. With a custom rod you can pick colors, decals, names and titles that will be built into the rod. You can even pick themes such as College or Pro Sports Teams. You could have a checkered flag added to the wraps or handle for a NASCAR theme. The only limit is the space available.  


You are looking for that feel and action that you just can’t seem to find.
Off the shelf rods are there because they can sell many of the same type rods to multiple customers. Volume is where the return on investment is for the big manufactures. To appeal to a wide range of fishermen, there are compromises that must be made. Maybe you like a fast or limber action in the tip section. But a medium action will do because that is all that is available. It may cause you to need to throw heaver lures than you would like but that is the price you pay for a mass produced/available rod. Why not have a rod that is built with your likes considered. That is where a custom rod builder can help. We are glad to listen to how you will use it, what type of fish you are after, what tackle you will be using and what you don't like in a particular off the shelf rod. Let us help you pick the blank, guides and handle then personalize it with colors and handle inlays. 

We will work with you to make your vision a reality for you or as a gift. 

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